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Jan 1

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Jan 22

Americas Test Kitchen S22E01 1080p WEB-DL x264-NGP

Season 22, Episode 01 – “Turkey Two Ways”
Host Bridget Lancaster makes host Julia Collin Davison Turkey Thigh Confit with Citrus-Mustard Sauce. Tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Bridget and Julia to a tasting of cranberry sauce. Test cook Becky Hays makes Bridget the perfect Skillet Turkey Burgers.


MP4 | AAC | 183MB

MKV | AAC | 351MB

MKV | AAC | 668MB

Jan 22

Our World 2022 Americas New Abortion Battle 1080p HDTV X265-MVG

Abortion has long been a fault line in American politics. Now those who want to ban it scent a famous victory, with implications for millions.


MP4 | AAC | 175MB

MKV | AAC | 325MB

MKV | AAC | 450MB

Jan 22

Lets Make A Deal 2009 S13E86 720p WEB h264-DiRT

Season 13, Episode 86 –
This new LMAD is like a vacation! A Sundae tries to “Move on Up” all the way to $15,000! Plus, a taco plays “The Dealing Game” & then one trader gets their chance at a “Winfall,” playing for this Friday’s Fabulous Car! Wayne Brady hosts.


MKV | AAC | 825MB

MKV | AAC | 1.19GB

Lets.Make.A.Deal.2009.S13E86.WEB.H264-RBB [P2P]
MP4 | AAC | 284MB

Jan 22

The Talk S12E83 720p WEB h264-DiRT

Season 12, Episode 83 –
Today’s special guest is Steve Harvey.


MKV | AAC | 851MB

MKV | AAC | 1.23GB

The.Talk.S12E83.WEB.H264-RBB [P2P]
MP4 | AAC | 295MB

Jan 22

The Price Is Right S50E88 720p WEB h264-DiRT

Season 50, Episode 88 –
Games include “Pay The Rent”, “Flip Flop”, “Balance Game”.


MKV | AAC | 845MB

MKV | AAC | 1.22GB

The.Price.Is.Right.S50E88.WEB.H264-RBB [P2P]
MP4 | AAC | 294MB

MKV | AAC | 882MB

Jan 22

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki S61E07 720p WEBRip x264-BAE

Season 61, Episode 07 – “In Your Face”
Facial recognition is one of the brain’s more sophisticated functions. What happens now that machines are learning from human biology and face recognition technology is spreading?


MKV | AC3 | 918MB

MKV | AC3 | 1.74GB

The.Nature.Of.Things.With.David.Suzuki.S61E07.WEB.H264-RBB [P2P]
MP4 | AAC | 341MB

Jan 22

Arctic Vets S02E03 WEB-DL x264-JiVE

Season 2, Episode 03 – “Snow Leopard Surgery”
At Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC), snow leopard Batu suddenly stops breathing while Dr. Andrea performs surgery. In the Yukon, an injured baby lynx is reunited with its family with the help of Dr. Chris and new intern Dr. Shannon.


MKV | AAC | 258MB

MP4 | AAC | 316MB

MKV | AC3 | 725MB

MKV | AC3 | 910MB

Jan 22

Alles Ist Eins Ausser Der 0 2021 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H264-DDN

Plot: In 1981, Wau Holland and other hackers established the Hamburg based Chaos Computer Club (CCC). The idiosyncratic freethinkers were inspired by Californian technology visionaries and committed themselves to hacker ethics. All information must be free. Use public data, protect private data. But not everyone followed the rules. Computer technology was still in its infancy and the emerging Internet became a projection screen for social utopias. What has become of them? The story of the German hackers, told by the protagonists themselves in a montage of found video and audio material.Wau Holland (1951-2001) dealt with the possibilities and dangers of global information networks long before they became commonplace. Along his biography and the early activities of the CCC our documentary reflects the philosophy of hackers, being concerned about the right to worldwide, unimpeded communication in order to make democracy possible at all.Peter Glaser, writer, blogger and honorary member of the CCC, comments on the extensive archive material in which the protagonists tell their own stories. Wau Holland fights for better youth education, better privacy and against all forms of censorship until his early death in 2001. The fact that the CCC today acts as an adviser for politicians, media and business is just as much an inheritance of Holland as the increasing importance and acceptance of the yearly Chaos Communication Congresses or the development of controversial platforms such as WikiLeaks. The revelations of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden were causing a massive increase in club members. No surprise – the new technologies are giving us tools of surveillance and subtle manipulation that go far beyond the grim visions of ‘1984’. Today concerns about our privacy are more justified than ever. Is the idea of freedom of information still relevant? Can we still develop positive visions of the future or will the Internet plunge the world into chaos?

Genre: Documentary
IMDB Rating Live: Alles ist eins. Ausser der 0. on IMDb
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 From 66 Users
Rotten Rating: N/A
Metacritic Rating: N/A
Directed by: Klaus Maeck , Tanja Schwerdorf
Starring: Wau Holland , Steffen Wernéry , Andy Müller-Maguhn

Release Name: Alles.Ist.Eins.Ausser.Der.0.2021.AMZN.WEB.H264-RBB
Size: 712MB
Video: MP4 | 720×400 | 900 kb/s
Audio: German | AAC | 160 kb/s
Runtime: 1 h 32 min
Subtitles: English (HERE)
Samples: Video @ Screens#1#2#3

Links: iMDB | Trailer | NFO | Torrent Search


Release Name: Alles.Ist.Eins.Ausser.Der.0.2021.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-DDN
Size: 5.99GB
Video: MKV | 1920×1080 | 8 584 kb/s
Audio: German | AC3 | 640 kb/s
Runtime: 1 h 32 min
Subtitles: English [Selectable] OR (HERE)
Samples: Video @ Screenshot#1#2#3

Links: iMDB | Trailer | NFO | Torrent Search


Jan 22

Windows 11 Pro Edition 21H2 RTM Final Build 22000.434 Untouched (x64) Incl. Activator

Description: Hello Windows Insiders, we are excited to release the Windows 11 Insider Preview build to the Dev Channel! As we finalize the product over the coming months, we will work with you to validate the experience. You will get to try many, but not all, of the new features we showed last week in this early preview. We will bring more features such as Chat with Microsoft Teams and Android apps in the Microsoft Store over the coming months as they are ready for you – we are just getting started on this journey together!

What’s New in this Build ?

  • Right-clicking on Recycle Bin on the desktop now uses the new modern context menu.
  • New modern context menu when you right-click on Recycle Bin on your desktop.
  • Added an option when right clicking a network share in File Explorer to pin it to Quick Access without having to click Show more options.
  • They have begun releasing an updated version of the Korean IME with adjustments made based on Windows Insider feedback. They believe this will provide a more reliable input experience for Korean on Windows 11. The updated version of the Korean IME follows the new visual design of Windows 11 with acrylic in the candidate window, a new selection visual, and dark mode support. It also improves improved performance and compatibility. The updated Korean IME is rolling out to a subset of Insiders in the Dev Channel first, to help us quickly identify issues that may impact performance and reliability. Over time, it will roll out to everyone in the Dev Channel. Please file feedback via Feedback Hub under Input and Language > Text Input.

Fixes :

  • [General]
    They fixed the issue that was causing PCs with Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) enabled to bugcheck continuously. PCs with WDAG enabled should now receive Build 22454.
  • [Start]
    Windows Terminal is listed again when right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X).
    Narrator should announce the Start launch more reliably now.
  • [Taskbar]
    The Desktops flyout should now dismiss properly for Narrator users when scanning with item navigation across the Task View button.
    Fixed an issue where the preview thumbnails for Desktops They re not rendering correctly for certain aspect ratios.
    Fixed a rounding issue that was making the volume icon tooltip show the wrong number in some cases.
    The input indicator, Quick Settings, and notification center icon tooltips will no longer display behind the flyouts when they’re open.
    Addressed an underlying issue that was resulting in the volume icon in the Taskbar displaying sound was muted when that was not the case.
    Fixed an issue that could cause the Taskbar to unexpectedly get stuck on top of full screen applications, such as PoThey rPoint presentations, after interacting with the Taskbar previews.
    Taskbar icons should no longer flicker when you mouse over them while using a contrast theme.
    Fixed an issue where app icons would occasionally unexpectedly animate onto the Taskbar from somewhere other than from below.
    Shift + Click on an app icon in the Taskbar to launch a new instance of that app (for apps that support multiple instances) is now working again.
    Did some work to address an issue where app icons could get stuck in an alert state in the Taskbar even if the app in question was closed.
  • [Input]
    Fixed an issue that was causing the text candidates to not appear after the first time the handwriting panel was invoked.
    Mitigated a stutter in the animation when tapping a text field to invoke the touch keyboard.
    Fixed a bug that was causing clipboard history to not render for some people.
    Displaying 3rd party IME icons in the input indicator should be more reliable now.
    Addressed an explorer.exe crash that could happen when changing window focus while using the touch keyboard.
    Fixed an issue for people who’d opted into the previous version of the Japanese IME that was causing certain games to crash.
    Fixed an issue where the tip for voice typing when using the touch keyboard wouldn’t be connected to the microphone button.
    Addressed an issue where the touch keyboard could get into a state where the key labels would be invisible due to the wrong background color being used.
    Mitigated an issue that was leading to the touch keyboard settings flyout having white on white text sometimes.
    Did some work to address an issue where interacting with the expressive input button in the touch keyboard could result in the candidate area having a broken layout.
  • [File Explorer]
    Improved the reliability of context menu invocation.
    Mitigated a couple of issues that They re causing leaks when using File Explorer.
    The context menu will now not immediately dismiss when the option to open things with a single-click is enabled in File Explorer.
    If you press F11 to full screen File Explorer, then use WIN + Shift + Left/Right to change what screen the window is displaying on, pressing F11 again will no longer jump the window back to the original screen.
  • [Settings]
    Mitigated an issue when typing with certain 3rd party IMEs into the search box in Settings that could result in the candidate window being rendered elsewhere on-screen (not attached to the search box) and/or characters inserted into the search box not displaying.
    They did some work to help address an issue that was making the Windows Insider Program page in Settings appear blank sometimes.
    The mouse pointers under Accessibility > Mouse pointer and touch are no longer invisible for Arabic and Hebrew display languages.
    System > Storage > Show more categories > Other should no longer always say it’s managed by group policy even when it isn’t.
    Added some links to “Find my device” in Settings to help you learn more about the privacy resources.
    Start time and end time pickers under Focus Assist > During these times are now visible when focus is set while using a contrast theme.
    Addressed a crash that could happen when using Sound Settings.
    Fixed an issue with the volume slider in Quick Settings that was causing the volume to sometimes to save at a slightly different level than what was actually set.
  • [Logging in and Authentication]
    Fixed a crash that could happen when the network icon updated states on the login screen.
  • [Windowing]
    Made a change to address an issue where title bar options including close, minimize and maximize where not appearing as expected in certain apps when moving the mouse to top of the screen while the app was maximized.
  • [Other]
    Improved icon rendering for certain apps in the Search hover flyout.
    Addressed an issue that was causing overlapping text in the Share window for certain languages.
    Made some performance improvements when switching to the Details tab of Task Manager.
    If the Windows Security app is open when switching to dark mode, the UI elements should respond better now and not have unreadable text.
    If there are a large number of exclusions listed under Virus and Threat Protection in the Windows Security app, it will now display a progress indicator when loading them.
    Fixed some text clipping in the Windows Security app when using the option in Accessibility Settings to increase the text size.
    Mitigated an issue that was causing the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message used in certain apps to be ignored, so the colors in some places wouldn’t appear correctly.
    Fixed a leak when the desktop background was set to a slideshow, impacting performance over time until explorer.exe was restarted.
    Mitigated an issue that was causing some PCs to bugcheck while in modern standby.
    Fixed an issue that was causing sloThey r Wi-Fi speeds after enabling Hyper-V and creating an External V-Switch.
    When animations are disabled in the system, there should no longer be a fade animation in UWP apps like Settings or the Feedback Hub when transitioning from the splash screen to the app content.

Known issues :-

  • [General]
    They ’re working on a fix for an issue that is causing some Surface Pro X’s to bugcheck with a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.
  • [Start]
    In some cases, you might be unable to enter text when using Search from Start or the Taskbar. If you experience the issue, press WIN + R on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box, then close it.
    System is missing when right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X).
  • [Taskbar]
    The Taskbar will sometimes flicker when switching input methods.
    They ’re investigating an issue in this build where app icons in the Taskbar are getting cut off by the “show hidden icons” button and aren’t centered.
  • [Search]
    After clicking the Search icon on the Taskbar, the Search panel may not open. If this occurs, restart the “Windows Explorer” process, and open the search panel again.
    Search panel might appear as black and not display any content below the search box.
  • [File Explorer]
    If you right click files in OneDrive locations in File Explorer, the context menu will unexpectedly dismiss when you hover over entries that open sub-menus, such as “Open with.”
  • [Widgets]
    The widgets board may appear empty. To work around the issue, you can sign out and then sign back in again.
    Widgets may be displayed in the wrong size on external monitors. If you encounter this, you can launch the widgets via touch or WIN + W shortcut on your actual PC display first and then launch on your secondary monitors.
  • [Windows Sandbox]
    They ’re investigating an issue in which Windows Sandbox may not launch for some Insiders after upgrading to this build.
  • [Microsoft Store]
    They continue to work to improve search relevance in the Store.
  • [Windows Subsystem for Linx (WSL) & Hyper-V]
    [ADDED 9/10] They ’re investigating reports of both WSL2 and Hyper-V not working on this build on ARM64 PCs such as the Surface Pro X.

How To Install?

  • Download the build.
  • Create a bootable drive or Install from ISO.
  • Select the Windows type you want to install.
  • Skip the activation for now.
  • Let the windows installation get finished.
  • After installing, run the activator as admin.
  • Use the activator to activate your windows.
  • Boom! Enjoy the activated Build.

Release Names: Windows 11 Pro Edition 21H2 RTM Final Build 22000.434 Untouched (x64) Incl. Activator
Size: 4.00 GB / 1.64 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE – NFO – Torrent Search



Jan 22

Book Of Love 2022 720p HDCAM-C1NEM4

Please be advised this upload has ads cut or watermarked into the video.

Plot: Young, uptight and unsuccessful English writer Henry’s novel sells to no one. But when his book is suddenly a surprise hit in Mexico, his publicist insists he travel there on a promotional tour. Upon arrival, a confused Henry discovers the reason behind his novel’s popularity – Mexican translator Maria has rewritten his dull book as a steamy erotic novel. Henry, furious, and Maria, reluctant, must now travel together on a book tour across Mexico. As tempers flair and sparks begin to fly, the two begin to find love and lust despite themselves.

Genre: Comedy | Romance
IMDB Rating Live: Book of Love on IMDb
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 From 27 Users
Rotten Rating: N/A
Metacritic Rating: N/A
Directed by: Analeine Cal y Mayor
Starring: Sam Claflin , Verónica Echegui , Fernando Becerril

Release Name: Book.Of.Love.2022.HDCAM.x264-SUNSCREEN
Size: 847MB
Video: MKV | 720×368 | 1 064 kb/s
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1 h 41 min
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: Video @ Screens#1#2#3

Links: iMDB | Trailer | NFO | Torrent Search


Release Name: Book.Of.Love.2022.720p.HDCAM-C1NEM4
Size: 1.87GB
Video: MKV | 1280×640 | 2 500 kb/s
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1 h 41 min
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: Video @ Screenshot#1#2#3

Links: iMDB | Trailer | NFO | Torrent Search