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Mar 26

Keyword Researcher Pro 13.230

Description: Have you ever wondered how to find Long Tail Keywords for your website? When you use Google, you may notice a little drop-down box that represents their attempt to predict what you're about to type next.

For example when I type the phrase "How does a website…" then Google assumes I might be looking for:
- How does a website make money
- How does a website work
- How does a website find my location
- How does a website server work
- how does a website help a business
These are some interesting keywords…

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to save all these keywords–so we could add them to our website content? Well that is where Keyword Researcher comes in!

Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use Keyword Discover Tool. Once activated, it emulates a human using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. We simply save this prediction. And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you're left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases.

Release Name: Keyword Researcher Pro 13.230
Size: 21.8 MB
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Mar 26

Voxeldance Tango (x64)

DLP/LCD 3D printing slicer software for figure makers, engineers, and designers!

Even if you are a beginner, you can print successfully. Voxeldance Tango helps you eliminate the risk of failure.
Just with a few clicks, you can automatically and effectively finish the data preparation.
No matter how complicated the data is, Voxeldance Tango can process it quickly.
User-friendly UX and UI design help you learn the software quickly and easily.

Voxeldance Tango V-support is a newly designed scaffold structure, which is stronger than the common bar supports and also easy to remove.
Won't miss any necessary supports on the model, especially on the isolated island.
Users can completely trust V-support and needn't check slicing layer by layer, saving the printing time.
3D printing starts at the lowest point of the model, which is why the support of the lowest point is critical to the printer's performance.
Reinforcing the lowest points can significantly increase the success rate of 3D printing. You can control the density and range of the lowest point support by setting the lowest anchor distance and reinforcing height.

Fast, From Data importing to Slicing!
Thanks to the optimized algorithm, Voxeldance Tango has a strong ability to handle large files and run smoothly.
In addition to the fast slicing speed, slicing options for anti-aliasing, gray level, and blur level can reduce print grain patterns and improve the surfaces quality of the model.

Operating System: Windows 10, 11 (64-bit only)

Release Name: Voxeldance Tango (x64)
Size: 203.6 MB
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Mar 26

App Builder 2023.18 (x64)

Description: If you want to create modern desktop and mobile apps you're in the right place! DecSoft App Builder is a professional visual development environment to create HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, Web Extensions and Hybrid apps for the modern mobile and desktop browsers, as well platforms like Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows.

The DecSoft App Builder apps are based in HTML, CSS and Javascript. These are the languages that you must know (more or less) in order to create modern apps that run in all the mobile and desktop browsers, as well platforms like Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. All with the same base code! This is a big reason to choose DecSoft App Builder.

Visual designer
App Builder provide us dozens of visual and non visual controls ready to be placed in the application's designer. Simply drag and drop the control that you need into the designer and then place it where you wanted.

Contextual help
DecSoft App Builder has a contextual help that point you exactly to the control, property, event reference, etc. Just press the F1 key where you are in the IDE. For your convenience, the help is also available online in:

Apache Cordova
DecSoft App Builder is integrated with Apache Cordova and prepares for your app the right config file, platform icons, splash screens, batch files, shell files and JSON files. DecSoft App Builder integrates also the officials Apache Cordova plugins.

Quick code list
The DecSoft App Builder code editors provides the Quick code list for your convenience. The Quick code list helps you to write Javascript code more faster, providing all the available controls properties, methods and more.

App Files manager
The DecSoft App Builder IDE incorporates the right Files manager for your app, so you can link Javascript and stylesheet files, but also add images, other files (like JSON files) and even entire directories, to be available in your app at runtime.

User Functions
In addition to the available app methods and the methods provided by the app views, app dialogs, app frames, the Apache Cordova plugins methods, and, all the possible controls that you can use, its also possible to setup your own User Functions in order to be available for your app at runtime.

Auto scale apps
There are many themes availables for your app, and, you can also set the fixed and scaled styles, even at runtime. The auto scale style made the app properly show in different screen sizes.

Release Name: App Builder 2023.18 (x64)
Size: 199.3 MB
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Mar 26

DiskGenius Professional Multilingual

Description: DiskGenius is a partition management and data recovery program. In addition to traditional MBR partition table, it supports GUID partition table on GPT disks also. In addition to basic partition management functions such as creating, deleting, hiding, formatting partitions, it also provides more powerful functions like lost partitions recovery, deleted or lost files recovery, partition backup, partition clone, disk clone, quick partition, integral size partition, correct and check partition table error, advanced file operation, etc.

Data Recovery
Fix various data loss problems: recover deleted files or partitions; recover data from corrupted partition, RAID and virtual disks.

Partition Manager
Quickly resize, extend and split partitions without data loss to make the best use of hard drive capacity.

Backup & Restore
Safely clone & image disk and partitions for data protection or disk upgrade, no complicated skills are required.

Disk Utilities

  • Check & repair bad sectors
  • Completely wipe hard drive data
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic
  • View hard disk S.M.A.R.T. info
Release Name: DiskGenius Professional Multilingual
Size: 63.5 MB
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Mar 26

Helium Music Manager 16.2.18222 Premium Multilingual

Helium Music Manager Premium Full Crack Download is a music manager that can rip, tag, play, browse, search, rename, burn and synchronize Helium Musics Manager Premium Review your music with a portable player. You can take control of your music collection. Stop spending time looking for files on your computer or hunting through CDs, vinyl records, and tapes – instead, simply enjoy and explore your music! Helium Music Manager Premium Serial Key can replace your ripper, player, tag editor, and other audio-related software.

Helium Music Manager Premium Crack Free Download is a powerful music manager that can rip, tag, play, browse, search, rename, burn and synchronize your music with a portable player. You can take control of your music collection.Helium Music Manager Crack Download Stop spending time looking for files on your computer or hunting through CDs, vinyl records and tapes – instead, simply enjoy and explore your music. Helium Music Manager Premium can replace your ripper, player, tag editor and other audio-related software.

Helium Music Manager Premium Crack Download Features:

Supports mp3, mp4, flac, Ogg, WMA and more as well as audio CDs, vinyl, and tapes.
For user with large collections we offer support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL for improved performance.

Add or correct missing or incorrect meta-data using the many tools available for tagging your files.
Remove, switch, add or copy tag contents between files and fields using batch operations.

Download album pictures, analyze quality, and repair broken mp3 files.
Automatically rename files, create custom folder structures, converting files to different formats.

Helium Music Manager Crack Many different ways of browsing your music. Album and artist pictures as well as detailed listings.
Easily filter your content, search for your favorites and create playlists.

Play music, scrobble to Last.FM, and stream through Shoutcast. Show your friends what you are playing on Windows Live Messenger.
Helium Music Manager Crack Display visual effects and enjoy automatic playback with built-in features.

Synchronize to your iPod, Creative Zen or other portable music devices, cell phone or netbook.
Burn Audio or Data CDs, export playlists and create reports for printing.

It is a music tagger, renamer, cataloguer, browser, playlist manager and report creator. It can catalogue, edit and play the most common music formats (MP3, Ogg, WMA, iTunes M4A, FLAC, APE and MPC) as well as standard Audio CDs.You May also Download GOM Player Plus Crack

It Catalogue your entire music music collection with just a few clicks, regardless which media the music is stored on. Use the new built-in Music Information Browser to navigate your music collection intuitively using a Web-style user interface.

What’s New In This Version?

Multiple album artists

  • A unique feature that allows tagging of one or more album artists per release
Web radio channel support

  • Manage and play web radio channels in this new Music Explorer view
    Column filters in track lists are a quicker way to filter contents in track lists
Preview tree in the Rename tool

  • Helium Music Manager Crack Allows you to see the resulting folder and filename structure before renaming.
    Support for external applications, easy integration with all tools you need
User interface improvements

  • Multiple changes in the user interface to make Helium more pleasant to work with plus more customization possibilities.
Release Name: Helium Music Manager 16.2.18222 Premium Multilingual
Size: 38.6 MB
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Mar 26

Ventoy 1.0.90 Multilingual + LiveCD

Description: Ventoy is a lightweight tool that provides a quick way to make bootable USB drives from ISO files. Reinstalling your operating system via a bootable USB comes with the advantage that you do not need to spend time formatting the disk. Instead, you simply insert the USB in the dedicated port and reboot your PC.

While there are numerous tools that create bootable USB, most of them rely on the OS's kernel which needs to access the hardware storage media for the source. The idea behind the program is different and entails that the information is saved to runtime memory before booting. Therefore, the OS can determine that the data is booted from a virtual disk, find the source medium needed for the operation and continue to boot without having to create the standard hook, as with the classic booting.

It is worth mentioning that the tool allows you to add as many ISO files as you want, case in which, you are welcomed by a menu following the boot. The program supports ISO files over 4 GB as well native UEFI and Legacy BIOS and it works with dozens of operating systems, as the developer states there have been more than 160 files tested.

Simple to use
Fast (limited only by the speed of copying iso file)
Directly boot from iso file, no extraction needed
Legacy + UEFI supported in the same way
UEFI Secure Boot supported (since 1.0.07+) Notes
ISO files larger than 4GB supported
Native boot menu style for Legacy & UEFI
Most type of OS supported, 200+ iso files tested
Not only boot but also complete installation process
"Ventoy Compatible" concept
Plugin Framework
Readonly to USB drive during boot
USB normal use unafftected
Data nondestructive during version upgrade
No need to update Ventoy when a new distro is released

Release Name: Ventoy 1.0.90 Multilingual + LiveCD
Size: 202.4 MB
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Mar 26

ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro 14.23.0325 Multilingual

Downlaod ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack Full Version Free Download is a powerful software with a friendly user interface that allows you to download videos and playlists from YouTube, videos from Dailymotion, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, ABC, FOX,, Vimeo, Prosieben, Metacafe,, many more video websites. Once the videos are downloaded, you can convert them to formats compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, MPEG-4 H.264, MP3, AC3.

Downloads MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3Download entire YouTube playlist support for RTMP, HDS and HLS conventions and VOD documents downloads link Finder with Chrome mode, IE mode, Android mode, iOS mode.

ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack is a powerful video downloader application that gives you support for a collection of media hosting websites, allowing you to grab and convert clips instantly. In ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack simple words, it can download videos to your computer from other online sources.

Download VideoTube Downloader Pro License Key Features:

  • A powerful video downloader application.
  • Allowing you to grab and convert clips instantly.
  • It is compatible with many video hosting websites.
  • It supports most famous services such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, SoundCLoud, NBC and FOX, etc.
  • Downloads MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3
  • Download whole YouTube playlist
  • Support for RTMP, HDS & HLS protocols and VOD files downloads
  • Improved download speed by up to 15x times for M3U8, MPD and F4M streams.
  • Added segmented download option to improve YouTube video download by up to 12x times.
  • mproved Link Finder engine detection of HTML 5 videos, M3U8, F4M, MPD, MP4, M4A, M4V, MP3 video and audio streams.
  • You can add the option to automatically select subtitle language to download for YouTube, ITV, BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and others.
  • You can download videos up to 3 GB with the free version from the popular video websites: YouTube, Vimeo,
  • DailyMotion, Metacafe.
  • You can record live streams from YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, M3U8 HLS and F4M HDS streams.
  • And much more…
What’s new in ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack Download?

  • Improved video detection and download for ITV and YouTube videos.
  • Improved Windows 10 support.
  • Other fixes and improvements.
Release Name: ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro 14.23.0325 Multilingual
Size: 41.4 MB
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Mar 26

Okdo Document Converter Professional 6.0

Description: Now Okdo Document Converter Professional is the most advanced converter. Own the most powerful document conversion function. You can batch convert among any MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, HTML, Image, PDF, Website URL etc with ease. The program can convert with high output quality and very fast speed. Okdo Document Converter Professional is a standalone program which does not need Adobe Acrobat software support. Own all the functions of Okdo document and image format conversion products.

Key Features:
User-friendly interface.
Support add the entire folder to convert.
Extract the characters of PDF file to convert.
Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Jpeg, Tiff, Gif, icon, pcx and so on with accurately preserving the original Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout.
Save List: Save the converted files to a list
Load List: Load the saved list files directly to convert.
Precise control the output quality with user-defined parameters settings.
Support convert Docx, Docm, Xlsx, Xlsm, Pptx, Pptm of Office 2007/2010/2013.

Release Name: Okdo Document Converter Professional 6.0
Size: 35.6 MB
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Mar 26

SmartFTP Enterprise 10.0.3079 (x64) Multilingual

Download SmartFTP Crack Here: SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet. It features an Explorer-like, customizable interface and supports drag-and-drop functions. Multiple FTP connections can be opened at the same time, and you can copy files from one remote host to another (FXP). Remote-host directory information is cached for future viewing, and FTP URLs are supported. Other features include a favorites list, the ability to resume broken downloads, a global history, background transfers, proxy support, a passive transfer mode, and the ability to perform recursive downloads, uploads, and May Also Likee CrossFTP Enterprise + Crack [Latest]

SmartFTP Serial Key features:

  • Automatically resumes broken transfers
  • Manage files from one remote host to another
  • Manage, backup and synchronize files
  • Multiple connections & background transfers
  • Passive transfer and proxy support
  • Supports drag-and-drop file transfers
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, Cloud, etc.
  • Synchronizing files with a remote folder
  • Transferring files in ASCII or Binary
  • Upload and download files or folders
  • Customizable interface and much more.
Release Name: SmartFTP Enterprise 10.0.3079 (x64) Multilingual
Size: 10.9 MB
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Mar 26

KLS Backup Professional 2023

KLS Backup Professional Full Version Free Download Crack

KLS Backup Professional 2021 Full Crack Download is a powerful backup and synchronization program that allows you to back up or synchronize your data to local and network drives or cloud storage. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed in standard Zip or 7z format. KLS Backup 2019 can backup: files and folders from local drives, network locations or cloud storage, databases, mail boxes, and other application-specific data (profiles). Advanced version management allows finding and restoring any backup version within seconds. The synchronization feature allows you to synchronize the contents of two different folders easily.

KLS Backup Professional 2021 Serial Key Features

Easy-to-use but powerful integrated workspace
Backup data from local and network drives, cloud storage, SFTP, FTP and WebDAV servers
Backup of databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL) and application data (Outlook, Thunderbird)
Backup to local and network drives, SFTP, FTP and WebDAV servers, CD/DVD media
Backup to cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack, OneDrive, Google Drive

Full, incremental and differential backups
Backup of open files and NTFS permissions
Highly configurable backup profiles and plugins
Standard Zip compression, Zip64 support, 7z and a custom encryption format
Powerful archive management and search functions
Selective restore of files and folders to original or custom locations
Secure archives with AES encryption, SSL/TLS support for remote transfers
Two-way file synchronization engine with version support
Automated backups with the built-in scheduler service
Detailed backup logs and email notifications
Web Interface (Monitor)
Command Line Interface (Console)
Compatible with Windows 7, 10 and Windows Server 2019

KLS Backup System requirements

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32/64bit (all editions)
  • Windows Server 2019/2016/2012R2/2012/2008R2 (all editions)
  • Hard drive with at least 200MB free disk space for installation
Release Name: KLS Backup Professional 2023
Size: 79.7 MB
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