The fascinating story of how man conquered space. In The Space Age: NASA’s Story, we follow in four episodes of the development of space: the first man in space, landing on the moon and the dramatic space flights, to life in space. A special BBC series with spectacular images of the heroes, the successes, tragedies and the future of space travel. This informative and impressive BBC series uses historic and previously unseen archive footage that can be seen for the first sharp be! Afl. 1: From the ground up. Fueled by the Cold War and the science is NASA to extremes to get. The first man in space Afl. 2: To the moon. The daring Apollo program NASA succeeds finally get the first step to life beyond Earth. The first man on the moon Afl. 3: Tragedy. The goals reach further and thus increase the risks. Unfortunately, the Apollo 13 thriller shows only a preamble to the dramatic loss of the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles. These tragedies are the beginning of the end of the space shuttle program. Afl. 4: Life in space. What is the future of space travel? Is there life in deep space or is it even possible to live as a human space?


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