Description: Operation Fznamznon is IV generation hypothetical scenario with an amphibious assault on an island located in South China Sea. It introduces a lot of brand new gameplay features. 60 percent of its 69 square kilometers are occupied by an island, the other part is sea.

The map is based on Frontline game mode with several significant changes. The biggest one is that instead of ground bases players start battle on heavy aircraft carriers. Those are USS Wasp (LHD-1) on US side and heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser Novorossiysk on Soviet side. They need to support an assault on the island, providing cover to the amphibious troops on their way to the shore and after that support the Marines while they are advancing through the island.

The map’s fleet also include dock landing ships (Ivan Rogov and USS Rushmore (LSD-47)), which deploy light armored vehicles and cover them until they reach the ground, and hovercrafts (Zubr and LCAC-1), which transport ground vehicles to the island.

Currently, Operation Fznamznon is available in PvP only, but we are going to add it to Co-op later.

We are currently looking into possible scenarios to expand sea operations related gameplay in the future. Looking forward to your feedback on this map and gameplay and waiting for your suggestions on how we could make it better!

Chinese localization
Today we are also happy to greet our new Chinese pilots on-board and present official Chinese localization for Heliborne! 欢迎您!

To commemorate this significant step in the game’s development we’ve prepared a special in-game event — Dragon’s Awakening. The event will last for 10 days during which everyone will be able to unlock unique helicopter camouflages and helmet patches.

The Manuscript
Heliborne HQ has received an ancient Chinese manuscript from secret sources. Our translators and decoders have been working for months until they have finally discover its content. The manuscript is based on The Art of War by Sun Tzu and reveals how to become an invincible warrior. With the help of Chinese masters we’ve been able to adapt this knowledge to helicopter warfare.

Genre: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer
Developer: JetCat Games
Publisher: Klabater

Release Name: Heliborne.Dragons.Awakening-PLAZA
Size: 4.71 GB
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