Apr 18


Release Description:

Continue Joey and Xefros’s adventure through the dark and dangerous planet Alternia. Meet dozens of unique and memorable characters, some more helpful than others, as you navigate this volatile alien culture. Hurry up! There’s a train to catch.

HIVESWAP: ACT 2 is the highly anticipated second entry in the four-part series of narrative adventure games from the universe of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck. Hiveswap has something for you, whether you’re a dedicated fan or just now discovering the fandom phenomenon.

The artistry and humor of the golden age of adventure games meet hand-drawn 2D animation in this love letter to the point-and-click classics. Bizarre, beautifully illustrated alien landscapes and colorful characters make Alternia a joy to explore.

ACT 2 brings your journey to a whole new level. Can you safely guide our naive protagonist through a world of murder, intrigue and villainous clowns? These aren’t the slapstick puzzles Joey grew up with – on Alternia, everything is a matter of life or death!

James Roach and Toby Fox (creator of Undertale) return for another genre-spanning original soundtrack. Bombastic orchestral arrangements and eclectic tracks score your adventure across this strange alien planet.

Meet and talk to dozens of iconic characters from the alien race of trolls, who range from friendly to murderous. Make friends, solve their problems, and do your best to not get eaten! Your choices will decide the fate of your world and theirs.

HIVESWAP: ACT 2 is the second of a four-part series set in Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck universe. If you import your save from ACT 1, the game will remember all your choices – and might even unlock hidden secrets. The adventure will continue on in ACT 3.

No problem! Our in-game recap will bring you back up to speed on everything that you need to know to jump right into ACT 2 with a fresh save. No prior knowledge of Homestuck is required to fall into this immersive alien world. But you can still find and play ACT 1 right here!

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: What Pumpkin Games, Inc.
Publisher: What Pumpkin Games, Inc.

Release Name: HIVESWAP_Act_2_MacOS-DINOByTES
Size: 1.5 GB
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Apr 18

Danger Scavenger MacOS-Razor1911

Release Description:

Deadly efficient. Highly skillful. Invisible to indifferent citizens. They fight the greedy corporations that have entire nations under their thumb. Suits scornfully called them Scavengers.

It was they who first noticed that the situation turned around. And it’s an artificial intelligence A.I.O.N.E., who took over the control causing the machines to revolt against their masters.

The time has come. Step out from the shadows to face this new enemy in open battle.
Soon the A.I. will have to learn how dangerous the Scavengers are.

The evil A.I. brings doom upon the world. A group of outcasts – the Scavengers – once rejected by fate, now glorified and admired decide to overcome the status quo… and of course, loot on their way and return to their hideout with a bag full of great treasures… or broken scrap.

You’ll crawl higher than ever before.

Danger Scavenger is an intense cyberpunk-themed roguelite skyline crawler that takes you to the roofs of a breathtaking cyberpunk city, where you will face ruthless enemies controlled by the soulless AI.

Forget about crawling through the dungeons, caves, and the darkest pits of hell in search of adventures and treasures. The world has changed and new times are coming. You’ll be going up and out of the underground to seek new horizons and possibilities.

Become one of the outcasts and set out on a risky hunt in search of liberation and countless riches hidden on the huge skyscrapers. The danger is so great that every Scavenger can change the course of history forever… or become another forgotten scrap hunter. Choose your path wisely – bigger risks means bigger reward!

  • Dynamic risk-reward gameplay: choose your path wisely, face the challenges, and become the hero you’ve always wanted to be! Or… take an easier path and return with nothing.
  • Collect scrap and craft the equipment out of it. You can customize each weapon to your individual needs using the crafting system.
  • Unexpected item combinations to discover during your adventures. Design your perfect strategy by many trials and errors, obviously resulting in many deaths.
  • 6 unique Scavengers – each one has their skills and style of dealing with problems: stealth, strategy, rapid-fire action, or maybe a mix of them? You decide!
  • Defeat 5 greedy corporations. Face 30+ types of enemies, their special versions, and bosses. Choose from a large selection of 30+ various weapons, 50+ active and passive items and upgrades to buy or loot.
  • You’ll crawl higher than ever before – this unique skyline crawler takes you to the roofs of the breathtaking cyberpunk city, where you will face robots controlled by AI.
  • Team up and fight the enemy robots in Cooperation Mode

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Piotr Wolk, Star Drifters
Publisher: Star Drifters

Release Name: Danger_Scavenger_MacOS-Razor1911
Size: 899.1 MB
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Apr 18

WarriOrb v1.3.1-CODEX

Release Description:

WarriOrb is an action platformer where you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body! Make your way through the ravaged world to regain your freedom and sanity – meeting demons, giants, mutants and all sorts of magical and crazy creatures along the way.

Key Features:

  • Trapped in a Ball: Explore a tragic story of loss and desperation hidden behind a comic tale.
  • Sweet Freedom: Run, jump, bounce and roll your way to freedom!
  • Platforming Skills: It feels like everything is out to get you … You got that right! Challenge your skills and reflexes against the deadliest of traps.
  • Think, Think, Think: Solve challenging puzzles in between traps!
  • Get Social: The world is ending! Chat with friendly and unfriendly fellows along the way about it.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Not Yet
Publisher: Not Yet, Maple Whispering Limited

Release Name: WarriOrb.v1.3.1-CODEX
Size: 3.5 GB
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Apr 18

Atomicrops Doom and Bloom-PLAZA

Release Description:

This free update for Atomicrops introduces dozens of new upgrades, a new tractor and so much more.

  • New Location: Deervil’s Den. Offers unique upgrades that grant immense power, at a huge cost.
  • New Tractor: Motivator – Become invincible for 5 seconds. Enemies in an area drop fertilizer and seeds. Energizes all friends and turrets. Holds two charges.
  • New Item – Top tier Rain Cloud Pigeon (Spring Rain): Boost and water all crops. Grow flowers. Moisten soil.
  • Added Flowers – Tired of weeds? Turn them in to flowers! These beautiful plants can be harvested for a profit and are brought to your farm through a number of new upgrades. To harvest, simply walk over them or use the harvest button.
  • Deervil Upgrade – Crops grow 10x faster but ignite when thirsty
  • Deervil Upgrade – Crops don’t need water but more moles and they appear at night. Effect ends when damage is taken
  • Deervil Upgrade – Infinite fertilizer but wasp pursue player, effect ends when damage taken
  • Deervil Upgrade – Lose all max heart beets except one. Gain X heart beet seeds for each max heart beet lost.
  • Deervil Upgrade – Tomorrow is 2x longer but a lizard will pursue you all day.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Bird Bath Games
Publisher: Raw Fury

Release Name: Atomicrops.Doom.and.Bloom-PLAZA
Size: 1.1 GB
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