Description: Build Online Forms for your own Web Site! Arclab Web Form Builder the HTML Form Creation Software for Windows PC to create Email Contact Forms and multi-page php Forms with ease. Create HTML Forms on your PC and upload the Forms to your own Web Site.


  • Build online contact forms, support forms, custom forms.
  • Create single- and multi-page php forms
  • Add the form to an existing HTML page.
  • Add the form to an existing php page using php include.
  • Add the form to an existing page using an iframe.
  • Send the form submission in text, HTML or XML format.
  • Multi-style captcha (challenge-response test) included.
  • Use the built-in captcha or reCaptcha™ by Google™.
  • Supports file uploads (attachments)

Release Name: Arclab Web Form Builder v5.1.7-P2P
Size: 8.17 MB
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